The Twelve Imams

My heart is fine and bright with the love of Haydar

Next to Haydar, al-Hasan is our Guide and Leader.

The dust beneath the Shoes of al-Husayn

is the colirum for my eyes.

al-Abideen, the ornament of all devotees

is like a crown on my head.

al-Baqir is the light of both my eyes.

The religion of Ja’far is true and the path of Musa is right.

O, loyal, ones: listen to me praising the King of Kings

who is buried in Khurasan, ar-Rida.

A particle from the dust of his tomb is the cure of all pains

Leader of men of faith is al-Taqi, O dear Muslims!

If you love al-Naqi in preference to all other people,

you have done the thing which is proper and right.

al-Askari is the light of the eyes of both Adam and the world.

Where can be found, in the world,

such a chief in command like al-Mahdi?

All the tombs of the eleven Imams  are a place of Ziyarat (holy visitation) by the believers.

Four of the Imams are buried in the city of Madinah, (Saudi) Arabia. However, their tombs

have been demolished by the Wahhabi fanatics along with the tombs of the wives of the

Prophet and his blessed companions.